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FREE Blogging platforms you should try in 2021

Start blogging this 2021 by using blogging platforms where you can monetize your blogs! Plus, you can connect your custom domain!

You read it right. You don’t have to spend a penny. These are absolutely FREE blogging platforms that let you connect your branded domain.

I have shortlisted 3 best blogging platforms any aspiring bloggers should give a try this 2021!

1. Blogger

Blogger is undoubtedly the most common blogging platform for writers. Publishing has been made so easy with Blogger.

As easy as 1, 2, 3, you can publish your blog in just a minute! You can choose your own font style and font size. You can also add pictures or videos that go along with you write-up. Connecting your own domain is what I like most about Blogger.

Check out my Blogger sample here!

2. Medium

As per experience, I’d say that Medium gets you on top on searches. I have been using medium for a couple of months already — and I can say that for a certain keyword, my blogs get the most attention on search engines.

Medium gives you the ease of writing blogs. Not only is it so user-friendly as it also lets you embed contents from other platforms. Medium evens gives you a more customized sharing experience. You may change the social preview image and you get the most of its SEO tools. Believe me. Most blogs published on Medium are highly indexed by Google.

Check out my Medium sample here!

3. Hashnode

If you are a developer, Hashnode is everything you need to start blogging. It allows you to connect your custom domain by just adding an A or CNAME record in your DNS.

You need to have your own domain ready so that you get the best experience with Hashnode. Another feature that I like with this platform is that you could import your blogs from Medium by simply using the link of your Medium blog.

Check my Hashnode sample here!

I wish you well in your blogging journey! Tell me what you can say about these platforms in the comment section.

Editor’s note:

This post was originally published on January 1, 2021 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

Person Holding Turned-on Silver Laptop Computer

Headline Formula for Your Blogs

Formula in writing a blog post title

This is probably what most bloggers ignore. A post title or headline is the element that first entices your audience to get through your article. This is your chance to persuade them to give their time to read your blog.

You can achieve this by following a formula. There are quite a number of formula out there — but Desiss and Henneberry’s is I think the best for every blogger.

Tap into your audience’ self-interest.

The question to ask for this formula is, “What is this for me?”. In as much as you can, be direct and speak about the specific benefit they can get out of your blog.

Here are some examples you should check:

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Pique curiosity.

This can be achieved by not giving too much information. When you write your headline by not giving everything that your blog can give, this leads to a higher number of clicks. This makes it so hard for readers to resist reading the blog post. Just do not fall into the temptation of misleading your reader. You should be able to serve the purpose of your headline. It shouldn’t promote false marketing.

Here are some examples you should check:

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Employ urgency and scarcity.

This is the formula that gets results fast! So, you have consider this NOW! Don’t think much. You only have a second to employ this strategy. Yeah, seriously. Do not miss this! 

Here are some examples you should check:

TODAY: Last chance for Open Enrollment in Nevada Health Link insurance programs

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Avail Now – Fits 5! Family Room with a View

Issue a WARNING!

If it’s anything that can cause pain to your audience, they are more likely to take an action. This appears to them to that you can protect them from any harm if they would follow your lead.

Here are some examples you should check:

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5 situations that can damage your brand—and how to respond

Borrow authority.

Social authority is what makes us look up to whenever we are to make a decision. You can borrow from the words of famous personalities in your field or business niche to do this best.

Here are some examples you should check:

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Small is the new big according to Seth Godin

Reveal the new.

Strive to keep your audience informed about new developments on what you write about. Believe that latest information matters to your followers.
Keep your articles fresh. If you need to update old posts, do it so.

Here are some examples you should check:

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Remember: Frequently use this formula if you want to drive content that generates better results for your marketing.


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