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#BringBackMarcos trends on Twitter; Rappler not reporting

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The hashtag #BringBackMarcos has dominated Twitter Trending Chart on Friday, October 29, 2021, a day set by Bongbong Marcos supporters to hold a Twitter Party at 2 p.m.

To join in the #BringBackMarcos hashtag party, more and more BBM supporters have recently signed up on Twitter.

To date, the hashtag has reached over 198, 000 Tweets since its take off.

Noticeably, however, Rappler is not reporting this trend. This shows even no mainstream media coverage after hitting the top chart after just a couple of hours. Meanwhile, foreign billionaire-funded, least trusted media organization Rappler is reporting “trends” with just 2, 000 tweets.

A Twitter username @Ron35965945 challenges Rappler to answer why they’re not reporting the trend.

In this regard, Global Talk News Radio notices media’s unmindfulness.

DDS Watch, a YouTube channel of a BBM supporter, lashes back at Dilawans in this regard.

Anyhow, ABS-CBN News reports this on its Facebook Page:

Bring Back Marcos is taken from the alphabetism BBM that is based on Bongbong Marcos’ initials.

But why #BringBackMarcos?

@JuanPolitician on Twitter laids down several reasons:

  • The Filipino People are tired of the #trapo who will call out others for corruption yet endorse them and keep them in their fold.
  • The Filipino people want continuity in the progress that was started by Pres. Duterte. They no longer want the vindictive spirit of other politicians that have plagued the country for years.
  • Because he is the candidate who never attacked anyone. Instead, he genuinely exemplified a true gentleman by sticking to his visions and plans, and not on his competitor’s lack or flaw.
  • Because they feel the sincerity of his words and the genuineness of his intentions. He expresses them with clarity and coherence, not discombobulated statements bereft of substance or common sense.

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