Lord Vincent Van Mendoza
Digital Marketing Specialist in Davao


Lord Vincent Van Mendoza's Credentials

Lord Vincent Van Mendoza owes his public speaking gift to his elementary Alma Mater, Mandug Christian Development and Training Center, that provided him with  opportunities to harness his speech prowess.

Vince graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education, major in English at Assumption College of Davao. Prior to pursuing a degree in Education, Vince first took Mass Communications at Jose Maria College (now Jose Maria College Foundation, Inc.) and shifted to another course a year after.

Having graduated after several months, he had hist first teaching opportunity at MCDTC. Months passed after teaching in the ‘real classroom’, Vince decided to take the Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers and luckily passed after only one (1) take.

Vince has attended graduate school at the University of Mindanao Professional Schools taking up Master of Arts in Education major in Teaching English and is still trying to finish the course. 

Vince obtained a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at TEFL Professional Development Institute.

Vince also obtained certifications in Digital Marketing from HubSpot; Search Engine Optimization from LinkedIn; Technical Writing, Corporate Communication, and Public Relations at Saylor Academy.

At present, Vince is the Head of Communications and Public Relations at JMCFI.

TEFL Professional Development Institut


School Press Advisers’ Movement, Inc. (SPAM) | Campaign and Communication Manager


3rd Place, Copyreading and Headline Writing | SPAM Campus Media Conference

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