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Maximizing the use of Twitter for your business

When you want to get updated on what’s the latest buzz about your favorite brands, Twitter is undeniably a powerful social networking tool and search engine where you can typically find the latest information about any topic. You get updates form the companies you follow and you can interact with ease in just a sec!

As per statistics, in January 2022 alone, Twitter has 396.5 million users (Backlinko). And just to show you another quick rundown of how Twitter performs, here’s a quick take:

  • 206 million users access Twitter daily. 75% of them are not based in the US
  • Twitter is most popular among users aged 25-34
  • 8.85% of the worldwide social media users access Twitter
  • Worldwide, men use Twitter more than women

Such figures give you the thought of getting connected with hundreds of millions of leads through a free social media platform. But how do you make sure your brand gets the right followers it needs?

Twitter, if used well, can become a very powerful tool to boost your social media marketing strategy. HubSpot (2021) defines Twitter marketing strategy as “a plan centered around creating, publishing, and distributing content for your buyer personas, audience, and followers through the social media platform”. The goal of this type of strategy is to attract new followers and leads, boost conversions, improve brand recognition, and increase sales.

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What makes Twitter’s audience unique?

In a blog on Twitter site by Stennis (2018), he describes Twitter audience to be is curious, leaned in and ultimately receptive.

Twitter audience is curious.

Just because Twitter is what’s happening, it has become the place where people go to see and participate in the conversation about nearly everything that’s going on in the world. To some extent, Twitter users tend to question how important a buzz is if it’s not talked about on Twitter.

Twitter audience is receptive.

Twitter conducted a holistic, multicountry study in 2017 to unify what they’ve come to know about Twitter’s audience from various studies over the years. Such led to a turnout showing consistency across the globe: Twitter’s audience operates in a receptive mindset when using the platform, and the audience is also highly influential across a vast array of topic categories.

Twitter audience is leaned in.

When it comes to brands, Twitter users are demanding customers who want quality and promptness, and they reward companies who go above and beyond.

Twitter users are willing to spend more for high-quality products (66 percent vs. 58 percent for online pop.) and to save time, according to the survey (54 percent vs. 42 percent for online pop.).

They’re also more brand-aware, picking brands that align with their ideals.

How to use Twitter for your Business?

  • Customize and brand your profile
  • Create Twitter Lists
  • Host a Twitter Chat
  • Advertise on Twitter
  • Use Twitter Moments

When you first start using Twitter for business, there are a few things you should do to make sure you reach your target audience. You may or may not opt to work through any of the following phases depending on your goals, company size, and industry, so adjust them to your needs.

Customize and brand your profile.

It’s a must on Twitter to make sure that the branding stands out in your profile. This includes your color, logo, strong few-liner punches, and anything you think that’s best associated with your brand.

Here are some of the things you need to make sure they’re setup so that your business profile on Twitter looks so good and perfect:

  • Handle:

Your Twitter handle is your username. For example, mine is @digitallourd. As recommended, this should include your company’s name so your followers, customers, and fans can easily search and find you on Twitter. You can customize your Twitter handle in ‘Settings and privacy‘ page.

  • Header:

The header on your Twitter profile is your background image. You might choose to create a unique image for your header, use your logo, or another branded image.

  • Profile picture:

Your Twitter profile picture represents your company’s identity on the platform. It’s the image that sits above your bio and might include a picture of your logo, company’s initials, or any holiday-exclusive design ideas.

  • Bio:

A Twitter bio provides everyone who visits your profile with a brief synopsis of what they’re about to see in 160 characters or less. It might include your mission statement, a blurb about what your company does, or any one-liner punches for you to get their attention.

  • Website URL:

Beneath your profile picture and bio, there’s a location where you can include your URL to direct traffic straight to your website. For example, mine is lordvincentvanmendoza.com .

  • Birthday:

In the same location as your URL, you can insert your company’s birthday—or the day when the company was founded—so your audience gets to know your business on a more personal level.

Create Twitter lists

A Twitter List is where you can create and view a group of organized Twitter accounts placed together in specific categories. Twitter Lists are great if you want to follow only specific accounts. You might segment your lists into groups such as business inspiration, competitors, and target audience so you’re able to easily review their posts, interactions, and content. BTW, you can make your Twitter Lists private. 😉

Host a Twitter chat

A Twitter chat is conversation on a specific topic held on twitter. Generally, there are pre-written questions that act as prompts. These are tweeted using a hashtag so participants can follow the chat/discussion and participate if they wish. Twitter chats are generally held ‘live.’ This means that people wanting to ‘chat’ ‘meet’ at a specific time and respond to questions from a twitter chat host. In participating in a Twitter chat, a #hashtag is used. Participants can then search for the hashtag and view the entire conversation in one single stream, and append their own tweets with the given hashtag in order to have their contributions join the chat/conversation.

Here’s a fine example:

You can tell that a Tweet is advertised if it reads, “Sponsored“. Twitter advertising is an excellent approach to contact your target demographic. Thousands of people will be able to see your tweets, which will help you grow your influence and following. This can be accomplished through sponsored tweets or Twitter Ads.

Use Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments are collections of tweets about a specific topic or event. They’re like a collection of top tweets regarding your topic of choice.

You can organize your Twitter Moments into groups of tweets to help you market your business’ events and campaigns or related industry news. They also help with your marketing tactics by providing your business with an engaging way to promote the discussion of specific topics and/ or events that matter to your company to help you share your brand image with audience members.

When you have successful setup your Twitter for Business using these strategies, you must be on your way to go to build an audience and engage them in various ways in the long run. Keep doing business as usual. Happy Tweeting!

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