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Study Now, Pay Later with InvestEd Philippines!

Your collegiate dream is now within reach with InvestEd.PH, Philippines’ most sustainable and inclusive student loan company.

No dream is indeed out of reach with Invested as you take control of your future. You can finish your college degree with InvestEd’s award-winning Educational Loans. Whether you need tuition, allowance, or gadgets to get to the finish line, InvestEd is a go-to company for you!

The story of InvestEd Philippines

With its mission to empower under-resourced Youth in their journey from education to adulthood, there are some factors identified by InvestEd team when they were starting.

Lack of Higher Education Perpetuating Poverty

Young Filipinos’ future is currently a game of chance. In the Philippines, 30 million under-resourced youngsters cannot afford higher education or upskilling in order to advance in life. Young yet high-potential dreamers are regarded unbankable by traditional financial institutions due to their precarious situation and lack of collateral. Furthermore, with fewer employment available as a result of the pandemic, young people entering the labor market for the first time will face significant competition from older, more experienced job searchers. InvestEd was founded to change this unjust situation.

The Philippines’ College Financing Problem

A Filipino student, on average, needs at least Php 60,000 per year for school tuition and stipend. College is a difficult task for low-income and underprivileged households with annual family incomes ranging from Php 0 to Php 190,000. (Philippine Statistics Authority). Furthermore, 95.6 percent of borrowers in the Philippines are unable to obtain student loans from banks because they are unbanked and have no credit history (BSP, 2015).

Pushing for quality education for all

InvestEd is a multi-award-winning social company led by dedicated individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of impoverished youngsters. They saw several of their colleagues drop out of college owing to financial concerns. They wondered why there are no inclusive and sustainable student loan programs for the poor in developing nations like the Philippines. With that intriguing notion in mind, they embarked on a project to support impoverished college students on a structural level. As a result, InvestEd was born.

The best part of InvestEd

As stated in its official website, InvestEd envisions a world where every young dreamer has no barriers to success. Its high tech, high touch program provides under-resourced youth with capital for education, life skills coaching, and a supportive community. To date, InvestEd has helped thousands of low-income Filipino youth from about 400 schools increase their income and navigate success in a fast changing world. A landmark invention by the company is its Education to Adulthood (E2A) Risk Engine, a proprietary methodology that de-risks a young person’s life.

Study Now, Pay Later

Students who are unable to begin payments outright are given a grace period by InvestEd. Furthermore, monthly installments are reasonable, starting at Php 800 per month.

Flexible Loan Use

InvestEd’s Success Loans can be used to pay for anything that is preventing you from obtaining your degree. Tuition, allowances, gadgets, internships, and other expenses are all possible with these funds.

Success Coach

When you become an Investee, you are allocated a personal coach. InvestEd’s coach will help you achieve success in academics, job, money, love, and family matters.

InvestEd offers loan products to help you succeed in every stage of your college life.
Application is completely online and free. They also make it convenient for you by paying schools and suppliers directly and sending your allowance monthly. Be it for tuition, allowance, laptop, dormitory, project/thesis, internship/OJT, graduation fees, board exams, or vocational study, InvestEd is the key!

If you’re interested to apply for a student loan, here are the requirements:

Get ready to take control of your future. Visit https://invested.ph for more info.

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