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Why you should not eliminate a wedding DJ in your list

Have you ever attended a wedding party that does not have music at all? You must be lucky that you have been invited to the parties of your well-to-do and well-oriented friends who really opted to hire a professional wedding DJ.

Just to give you a pain point, this could happen on your wedding day if the one who operates the music doesn’t know well what to play on your BIG day.

What most wedding couples do not realize, is that a wedding DJ does so much more than simply play music. In fact, choosing the right DJ can really make or break your special day. If you’re still skeptical, let me break down the reasons for you. But before that, let me first stop you in your mid-sentence. I certainly know as I have also been asked by my previous clients, “Is a wedding DJ really that important?”

True, you could I just set up a playlist on your phone and plug it in to some speakers and spend that money somewhere else — but lo and behold, it is not “just a wedding DJ after all”.

When planning the music for your wedding, it is important to note the effect of entertainment on a ceremony and reception. The right music is essential to create an appropriate background “feels” and desired tone for your event.

Reasons why you should hire a wedding DJ

As I started my career in the event industry, I have been trained by a radio jock named “Papa Kiko” on how to do musical scoring for social and corporate events. More often than not, I have had so much experience DJing for weddings in Davao city. With my experience, I’d like to share with you some great reasons why you should hire a DJ for your wedding day.

One of my colleagues in the industry, Ms. Ross Bato, a wedding planner in Davao city, told me that with music, the ambiance of any party is never the same.

A wedding DJ sets the mood for your wedlock party

Try to recall the first you noticed when you stepped foot at a wedding? Perhaps, you may say the scenery, maybe some decorations, but most likely there was music playing that really brought everything together and made the whole event so romantic. Remember that first impression lasts. This is so true with weddings. You want your guests to have some goosebumps experience while witnessing your special day, don’t you?

A professional and seasoned wedding DJ knows exactly what song to play when. They could ask you about your favorite love music, but most importantly, the music that should be played at specific segments in your wedding party have been mastered by your DJ — from the upbeat music for the grand entrance, to the very romantic first couple dance, or even to after-party music, a wedding DJ got you covered.

A wedding DJ maintains the flow of your wedding

You should think of a DJ as more of an MC for your wedding. This is so true. If you have a wedding planner or coordinator, they play a huge role in maintaining the flow of your wedding day and creating a schedule or timeline for your day or party. However, your wedding DJ is the one who executes time signal through music to set transition for different parts of your program.

Without a professional DJ, many of these go missed, or guests are left out as they had no idea they were taking place:

the beautiful music when the bride walks down the aisle, the perfect music just when everybody is invited to a toast, or when the guests finally say, “Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!” (especially in the context of Philippine weddings).

Have a look at this beautifully executed wedding in Cebu by Lore, the trending host, whose music has been scored by her husband, DJ Magma.

A wedding DJ knows how to read a crowd

As I can notice, most of our guests would tell me that I have a good ear for music. This is especially true when my emcee is Papa Kiko. I am just grateful because my host is a DJ himself. He could suggest what’s the best song to play for a specific type of crowd.

In fairness, I have fellow wedding DJs who have a good playlist for every generation group. some of the DJs I have worked with are DJ Drawdog, DJ Roy Sy, DJ Ems, DJ Vert, among others. These good guys have a superb collection of songs for any type of event.

A wedding DJ has clean set of music

On your wedidng day, you don’t wanna hear “Covers PH!” or some sort of a musical watermark in your playlist. You also don’t want to experience “dead air” while the program is going on. Any professional wedding DJ has a special musical scoring software that automates everything that you want to play.

What I use is DAC. Others use Jazzler. Some other professional wedding DJs have their own preference of program. The thing is, it’s way better than any ordinary music player.

A wedding DJ will allow you to simply enjoy your wedding day

Your ultimate goal on your wedding day is to have peace of mind. That is exactly what you’re paying for if you hire a wedding DJ. Stress can be avoided when there’s a soothing music in the background. That’s what you ought to have. It may sound a cliché, but it’s so true that without music, life would be a mistake. Your married life begins on your wedding day.

Who to hire as a wedding DJ in Davao?

DJ Drawdog

If you want to ask me, I’d highly recommend DJ Drawdog. He is a Davao wedding DJ with a good pair of ears.

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